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Tumblr é uma plataforma de blogging que permite aos usuários publicarem textos, imagens, vídeo, links, citações, áudio e "diálogos".

Confira agora as melhores e mais extraordinárias fotos do Tumblr. 

Trippy wallpaper

Dinner by the sea 🌊 #Mykonos #Greece #gmgtravels #sobeautiful #italmostlooksunreal by @juliahengel

Glasses & Tea

Campo del Príncipe
Granada, 2015

sky looks amazing wow ok
on way back from oxford, had an amazing time, good luck to my brother with his interview at the university!

LabelsIf you have seen any ‘coming of age’ teen movie you will definitely understand the pressure of finding yourself and labeling yourself under certain categories. As important as it is to 'find yourself’, it can also be a little detrimental to constantly label yourself when you’re not ready.[[MORE]]As teenagers, we haven’t had many years of experience with certain things to make definite conclusions about ourselves. If you think you might be homosexual or bisexual, there is no need to worry or rush to prove whether you are or you aren’t.Don’t put yourself into a little box with some label that you aren’t sure of because you do not need to rush to decide these things. At some point in your life, after a multitude of experiences regarding different aspects of your life can you then 'label’ yourself.Do not worry too much about finding yourself, you will learn more about yourself as you age. You cannot learn everything about yourself overnight - you will find yourself over time, you just have to be patient.Article by Roberta / Photo by Taylr Anne

Rock and roll blog

Early morning Pipe
ph Volcom

Espero que tenham gostado desse novo estilo de postagem. Beijos Y

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  1. Adorei as fotos, todas muito lindas